Power Hour: Episode 22

This week's Power Hour is loaded with tons and TONS of content! Questions, MMOs, gaming, new devices, and more!

QUESTIONS: What is up with World of Warcraft's falling subscription numbers? Is weight training with weighted vests a good idea? If I had an unlimited budget, what wrestling PPV would I create, including matches? What midcard wrestlers need a push to the big leagues? How awesome is BroForce?

WRESTLING: Rumors of KENTA joining WWE are back in full swing, and we touch on if he's (truly) a good fit for the WWE

GAMING: Where to begin?! We have hands-on impressions of the upcoming MMO Wildstar, Age of Mythology HD and Tales of Symphonia HD tickle the nostalgia bone, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls continues to be a gauntlet of content, and my impressions on Android gaming: That's right, I got a Kindle Fire HD!

KENTA rumors, mobile gaming, classic games, and a sneak peek at the newest MMO hotness? There could only be one name for that....THE POWER HOUR!