Power Hour: Episode 21

You've got questions, and I have things resembling answers! It's Episode 21 of the Power Hour!

This week is an ALL MAILBAG EPISODE, and topics covered include:

  • What's the current MMO market like? Any MMOs to keep an eye on?
  • Balance thoughts on Blizzard's F2P card game, Hearthstone
  • Is Facebook buying Oculus a smart move?
  • Which Kickstarter titles are on my 'watch list'? Any Early Access games?
  • Is WWE Network, TNA, ROH, and Jeff Jarrett's new promotion just too much?
  • I've hit a strength plateau in weightlifting. What should I do?
  • ....and so much more!

It's a full show of YOUR questions, and some silly banter along the way! Be sure to stick around this Saturday for a Power Hour special event: the Wrestlemania 30 Prediction Show!

Keep sending in those questions! Until we meet again, Bearders!