Power Hour: Episode 18


What's this?! The Power Hour has returned?? YES! YES! YES! This week on the Power Hour, we take a look at:

WRESTLING: WWE's momentum on the Road To Wrestlemania 30, and the ups-and-downs along the way. CM Punk has walked out on the company, Batista's getting mixed reactions, and there's not a single interesting thing Triple H can do to draw interest to himself. Then, there's the issue with the use (or misuse?) of Daniel Bryan.

Is the 'underdog' plan with Daniel Bryan working? Is it too little too late? When will fans finally get sick of WWE's non-committal relationship with its brightest star? We dig in deep to find the answer.

GAMING: There's videogames in them there hills! Some of the JRPG variety, in fact! Tales of Xillia and Bravely Default are the go-tos this week! Also, there was a release of a little game called Thief.....

QUESTIONS: Where in the hell have I been? What are my thoughts on the WWE Network, and what dream-show could I conjure up?

All of this and more, in the return of your favorite one-man show, the Power Hour! We're back, baby!