Power Hour: Episode 16

Paul Bearer Passes On, SimCity's Natural Disaster, and An Upcoming Article


Ohhhhh YYYESSSSSS! It's time for you all to enter the one and only Power Hour! What thrills might we see this week? What evil deeds has our beloved gaming industry wrought this time?! This week:

Wrestling Wrap-Up - We honor the legacy of William 'Paul Bearer' Moody (also known as Percy Pringle), who passed away this week. Afterwards, we discuss CM Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania, how to make The Rock vs. Cena 2 actually work for both contenders, TNA Lockdown 2013 gossip, and more. Come for the commentary, but stay for the Bearer. Rest in Peace, old friend. We will miss you dearly.

Gaming - We discuss the outright disaster of SimCity's release, and the trials and tribulations of always-on DRM. Is DRM relevant? What should be done to truly prevent piracy? We also cover this week's upcoming games (namely God of War: Ascension and Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm), in what will probably become a weekly ritual.

Also, I reveal what beta I've been invited to, and touch upon what my upcoming article for Nitrobeard will cover. It's definitely something to keep your eyes on! Until then, pour one out for Paul Bearer, and POWER UP!