Power Hour: Episode 12


It's the eve before the Super Bowl, and well.....I actually don't have any Super Bowl discussion. HOWEVER, I have tons of discussion on MMOs, pro wrestling, and what's easily the most varied list of listener questions we've ever had on the show.

MMO News - Final Fantasy XIV has started beta sign ups, Wizardry Online has a few hurdles (being pay-2-win, being taken down from Steam for false feature lists, and the whole 'being a bad version of Wizardry' thing), and Riot has done mass-bannings of professional League of Legends players for being jerks.

Wrestling Wrap-Up - The Royal Rumble has come and gone, RAW changed the landscape of WWE's future (or did it?), TNA traveled overseas for Impact Wrestling's 'Fight Night', Aces and Eights have two new revealed members, what my thoughts are for this year's Wrestlemania, and more!

Questions - Beer or wine? What are my thoughts on post modern queer theory? What other martial arts would I like to train in? That, and my thoughts on E3 2013, what's to be expected from the big event. and my thoughts on the upcoming Final Fantasy XI expansion: Seekers of Adoulin.

It's a huge show, and a perfect way to show off to our new home on Itunes! Be sure to subscribe, rate, review, and feel good about yourself! Aw, shucks, you should feel good about yourself anyway! You're really swell. POWER UP!