Power Hour: Episode 9


It's the first Power Hour of 2013, and changes are in store! Not only do we have a solid new format, but we have weekly segments based on popular demand! Ring in the new year with style, and enjoy:

MMO News - Secret World is no longer taking subscriptions, and TERA is going full free-to-play! Which one should you go with? What do they have to offer you?

Wrestling Round-Up - CM Punk vs. Rock thoughts, new WWE World Heavyweight champ thoughts, a look back at Ring of Honor, current TNA storylines (and where they miss some big opportunities), and some random talk on my favorite wrestlers of all-time.

Reader Questions - Potatoes or tomatoes? Favorite chinese food? What to look out for with MarvelNOW, thoughts on Warframe, how my gaming tastes will change in 2013, and more!

It's 2013, it's the Power Hour, and it's TAKING OVER! Power Up!