Power Hour: Episode 8


First of all, congratulations for surviving the end of the world! What better way to celebrate than the FINAL POWER HOUR of 2012? In this installment, I take an in-depth look at what it's like for us here at Nitrobeard during the holidays: Tons of delicious cookies, seasonal tidings, and most importantly: Game of the Year coverage. I give some inside scoops on what it's like to create site-wide GOTY content, what it's like to record multiple-hour podcasts with one goal in mind, and the overwhelming task of choosing THE game to represent Nitrobeard as a whole.

While I'm not going to give any spoilers on our GOTY 2012 lists, I will give you fine Power Hour listeners a little bonus coverage: My Top 3 Disappointments of 2012. Sure, it's all fun and games choosing the best of the best for the year, but what about the games that missed the mark? Big promises, but lackluster delivery? It's a Power Hour exclusive, so get to listenin'!

We'll see you in 2013, Bearders, with some of the best Game of the Year coverage you've ever seen! Editorials! Podcasts! Video! It'll all be here, waiting for your consumption! Be safe, have a Happy Holidays, and until we see you again, POWER UP!