Wes's Power Hour: Episode 7

It's the first day of December! Wait, where did 2012 go? That means two things are for certain: First, we only have twenty days to live before the world ends, and more importantly, it's time for a new installment of Power Hour!


On this installment, we cover everything from smoked cheeses, dinosaurs, crappy diet advice rumors, and the best form of government, to what would happen should I win the Power Ball, the Ninja Turtles vs. Casey Jones, defunct MMOs of the past, and even the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Serious questions? I never asked for this!

Come one, come all, and feel free to throw more questions (whether game related, joking, or serious) to me via the comment section of this post, and who knows? Maybe your question will show up on next week's POWER HOUR!

Make it quick, though. The end of the world's like, twenty days away or something. Until then, though, LET'S POWER UP!