Wes's Power Hour: Episode 4

It's the weekend, and I hope you are having a day that resembles one that isn't of the work week! Okay, yeah, I ran out of witty ideas for an opening statement, happy!? Well, you will be, as this Power Hour is a very special event.

This week, you may have seen my article on marketing, PR, and the satirical effect it can have on us as gamers, no matter if you're part of the press, just a casual fan of the hobby, or somewhere in between. With such a hot topic being debated right now, I decided to look through my massive podcast library, and find something from the past that could fit the bill: Seeing as how this was about marketing, gaming press, and the relationship they share, I couldn't help but pick my favorite episode of my favorite gaming podcast, GFW Radio.

What follows is the entire GFW Radio episode from December 4th, 2007, which discusses the in-and-outs of the industry, the current (at the time) Jeff Gerstmann debacle, and what to make of this wild and crazy industry. They make points in ways that I never could, so I think it's only fitting to have what's considered the most ethical, respected publication in the business, be the ones to break down the 'corruption' of games journalism, and the industry at large. Enjoy!