Wes's Power Hour: Episode 3

It's the middle of the weekend, and we all know what that means, children! After being absent last weekend, and having an entirely too busy week this week, the Power Hour is finally here to bring you PURE, UNBRIDLED ENERGY! Actually it was recorded at 2am, as that was the only time the baby was truly asleep, so I'm fairly quiet and exhausted. Teething babies are savages.


This week, we take a look at 'journalistic integrity' in the videogame press, who would win the Nitrobeard Royal Rumble, what my thoughts are on a Nitrobeard Kickstarter, hot and sexy talk about Starcraft 2 builds, the Illiterate's Book Club Round 6 winning game, and a sneak peek at two editorials I'm currently writing for Nitrobeard proper

All this can be yours, all you have to do is promise me that you'll POWER UP, BECAUSE IT'S THE POWEEEERRR HOUUUUURRRRRR! Or actually in this case, the FAIRRRRLLY TIMMMIID HALF-HOUR OF POWERRRRRRR!