Power Hour Ep. 16: Supreme Warrior

It's Marco's pick this week, and he has chosen the Sega CD classic (???) Supreme Warrior. What's Supreme Warrior, you ask?

It's a magical game full of insane martial arts battles, camera-hungry grandmothers, absolutely dreadful player controls, and two superior warriors that are simply fed up with your lackluster tomfoolery! 

Join us this week as we riff on the terrible FMV genre in this masterpiece (????) of game design. We also riff on terrible systems, and decide that FMV shenanigans may indeed be the very fate of Power Hour for many episodes to come. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Power Hour Ep. 15: SSX 3

On this (insane) installment, Wes and Marco take a look at one of Wes's favorites, SSX3 for the PS2. This recording took four (4!!) tries before it took, and that doesn't even include the mishaps that happen IN the episode!

Nothing to worry about though, Wes and Marco pull through with a solid, hilarious show! We talk SSX, snowboarding games, DJ Atomika, and run down the highlights of Final Fantasy XIV's recent FanFest 2014 event!

Have you ever played SSX? What are your favorite snowboard games? Let us know about it, and what you think of this week's show, in the comments!

Power Hour Ep. 14: Tenchu - Wrath of Heaven

On this episode of the Power Hour, Wes and Marco take a look at Tenchu - Wrath of Heaven for the PS2! Join Rikimaru and Ayame as they try to take out the evil summoned in Lord Ghoda's land! 

We laugh, we stealth, and we step on our own caltrops! You definitely don't want to miss this!

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Power Hour Ep. 13: Yakuza

In this ultraviolent edition of the Power Hour, join myself and Marco Flores from Nerd in The Bay as we take a look at a lost classic, and in many ways, the spiritual successor to Shenmue.

We're doing things a bit different this episode, and forgive the sound level kinks, we've already fixed them up for the next episode!

Join us as we tackle the Japanese underworld, and be sure to let us know what you think of the Yakuza series in the comments!

Power Hour Ep. 12: Goat Simulator

There are some games that make you laugh, some that make you cry, and some that make you contemplate existence, and what our values we hold most dear mean to us.

Very rarely does a game do all of that, and so much more.

We take a look at GOAT SIMULATOR!!! Come and hang out, cause anarchy with goats, and answer the age-old question once and for all: Can goats fly?

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Power Hour Ep. 11: Road Redemption

On this very special Power Hour, we're taking a look at an Early Access game by multiple developers (Dark Seas Interactive, The Fisch Brothers, Pixel Dash Studios, Fish Factory Games) called Road Redemption!


It's a blast to the past of the Road Rash era, with carnage, anarchy, and motorcycle violence like you wouldn't believe! We dive into the game, learning about the mechanics, rouge-like elements, and master the flow of combat!

It's $19.99 on Steam's Early Access, so if you like what you see, definitely give it a download! http://store.steampowered.com/app/300380/

Power Hour Ep. 10: Destiny

This week we're taking a look at Bungie's new IP, Destiny! We play through some Patrol missions, and try our hand at the Clash gamemode in the Crucible!

Destiny's an interesting game to feature, as it's been pretty divisive depending on who you ask: Some people fell in love with the Halo-esque gameplay, Borderlands-style questing, and amazing soundtrack, while others found the game to be lacking in very key areas. What do I think? Is the game worth a purchase? Who is Destiny recommended for?

 We answer all of this, and MORE of your questions, on this week's show!

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Power Hour Ep. 9: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hey everyone! In this week's Power Hour, we take a look at a juggernaut of a game, and the fifth entry in the esteemed Elder Scrolls franchise: Skyrim!

We do some exploring, get scared in dungeons, assassinate some key targets, and destroy anything in our path! I also answer your questions for the week, including why I choose certain names for certain RPG characters, and what MMO I think should get the 'revamp' treatment!

Be sure to tune in next week for two (2!!!) Power Hours: One for Destiny in standard definition, and one for a mystery game! Let me know what you think of the brand spankin' new 1080p quality in the comments!