The Future Of Free to Play

Last week's Episode 127 is the last episode of Free to Play that you'll hear for a long time.

No, this isn't like that time we had the final broadcast of the Beardcast only to turn around to launch Free to Play (by the way, read Wes' great post about the history of Nitrobeard).

We've been doing the 'folks talking about video games and video game news' podcast for almost seven years now through various iterations: Nitrobeard, The Beardcast, Free to Play. Seems it's time for another change!

There's plenty of details at the end of Free to Play 127, but here's a quick rundown of things that might / will likely happen:

  • Illiterate's Book Club becoming its own podcast with a similar format of round-robin game picks. Regular crew of Mark, Matt, and Dave.
  • That Video Game Pitch bit that I've been talking about for years actually maybe coming to fruition. Regular crew of Brian, Dave, and Asif (the other Khan).

And don't forget:

By no means is it an end. We're shifting focus to other passion projects that have been tossed around for a while. You can catch what is BASICALLY Free to Play by following us all on Twitter.

More as we make it happen.