iLook at Fiz: The Brewery Management Game!

I don't know if there was something I was doing wrong with Fiz when I played it but the game didn't explain much to me. Although I had a poor time with it, Fiz is well done, devoid of microtransactions with a bunch of systems to exploit and some sense of discovery and a ton of content, I thought at first that I would play through the whole thing, but got annoyed after a short while and stopped.

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This is a simulation game, you have money and time passes, you hire people, place points, choose what batches to brew, choose where you sell them and at what price, it's a lot of stuff to think about, maybe too much, having to do research and to find where to sell my brews and set up my own price and have the game always on a timer, pushing me to act before I lose all of my money from unpaid wages stressed me out and I felt that I had no idea what the right thing to do was. You have quests and achievements to try and get, but I felt like I was going nowhere with my brewery.

Teach a man how to fish...

Whenever you run out of money, the game gives you free stuff and a free pass to sell that beer. Why is that even there? You always have a team of four friends that wont require any payment too, so if you can't pay your people, you always have other options. I feel like they give you this way out because people repeatedly arrive at that situation, so instead of throwing a game over your way, they just give you some stuff to continue forever. Why not tell me what I'm doing wrong? Teach me how to play well instead of preventing me from losing!

I'm not a fan of the "do nothing* part of games.

After you select a brew, you assign your employees to the various roles based on their stats and then you start brewing. During brewery, there's nothing to do beside tap on rats that walk around the room, how about making this step a bit more interactive? I'm not talking about very deep systems here, just little minigames to speed up the different processes, anything to occupy myself while I'm brewing my next batch.

I get it.

To conclude, I didn't enjoy much my time with this game because I felt I was brewing in circles, maybe if I had learned a bit better how to play it I would've progressed and unlocked all the neat stuff that seemed to be hidden in there, but nope, I got stuck selling free beer.