Jérémie Tessier's Top Games of 2013

I play a ton of games to satiate my professional curiosity; to know what other people are doing and to get ideas for my own games, as such, I usually play games for about a week or so before moving on. In most cases, I feel that such time is enough for me to get everything I need to know about a game. Sometimes though, I find games that pique my curiosity, that make me want to play them some more. Either by having a really good story or compelling mechanics or by being a blast in multiplayer, some games grab my attention for longer.

And these 10 games are without a doubt, games that have managed to do just that, kept me hooked, kept me playing for longer than I thought I would and kept me hoping we would get more games like them in the future. Here's to a cool year of gaming in 2013 and to my hopes for 2014!