Matt Pierce's Top Games of 2013

Thanks to a combination of (a) only having one video to produce, and (b) not losing power in a snowstorm, it looks like I get to lead things off this year.

I tried to keep my list snappy this year, so I could do a little bit of time pontificating on the nature of a Game of the Year, and also what my list says about me and the games that appeal to me.

I should point out that since making the video I did get a chance to play The Last of Us and, while it probably would've made it onto my list somewhere I don't think it would've gotten all that high. It manages to hit a shitload of my pet-peeves and, while I can appreciate what they're doing story-wise, it's just not connecting. I spend a lot of time saying "is this the end of the level?" "Can this be the end of the level?" "Oh god, why are we still walking?"

I'm incredibly impressed by it. I just don't like it.