Jumpcast Manga of the Year 2013 Winners

A new Jumpcast will release later tonight, but this post is for those who didn't get a chance to listen to our Manga of the Year podcasts but still wanted to know who won.  So, here's the list exactly as I wrote it when we recorded!

Best One Shot defeat

- Assassination Classroom, Nagisa vs. Takaoka

Most heart-wrenching moment/chapter

- Nisekoi, Chitoge's mother

Best Reaction Face

- One Piece, Ussop, Robin, and Franky

Best plot twist:

- Bleach, Unohana original Kenpachi

Airquotes-Worst plot twist

- Bleach, Zangetsu is Juha Bach

Best decision Law Made

- Exchanging heart of Harpy Monet

Coolest Bleach panel/chapter

- 525 + 556

Best Deus ex Machina

- Bleach, Hollow Buttons

Dumbest page

- Assassination Classroom 39, Karasuma looking at Takooka's pictures

Funniest chapter in Beelzebub

- 221

Most disappointing chapter of the year

- Naruto, Ninjas do thing

The most parallel chapter of the year

- Naruto 653

Most Egregious Contrivance of the Year

- Bleach, Bankai-Sickness

Most Nisekoi-ass Nisekoi

- Chapter 94

Best new character

- Assassination Classroom, Ritsu

Worst new character

- Nisekoi, Haru

Best One Piece Cover Arc

- Caribou

Best Protagonist

- Luffy, One Piece

Best Anatagonist

- Doflamingo, One Piece

Best Fight

- Naruto, Fourth, and Second vs. Obito

Best Class-E Student

- Nagisa

Worst New Series

- Koisuru Edison

Best New Series

- World Trigger

Best chapter of the year

- Assassination Classroom 59

Best manga of the year

- Assassination Classroom