iLook at Containment: The Zombie Puzzler!

Happy new year everyone! Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is a little action-puzzle game where you have to swap differently suited citizens around zombies to kill them. Instead of matching 3, you have to box them in, and then the zombies die and new citizens march in and you get power-up sometimes. I can't say it grabbed me.

A bunch of levels, but they're all mostly the same.

Even if the levels vary a little with a few things you can tap on here and there - trash cans that release more zombies or power-ups, hazards that will clear a segment of the board - and the objectives can vary from killing all the zombies to controlling a part of the play area to be allowed to progress, it's pretty much the same thing from beginning to the end, you swap people so they box zombies in and then they die, rinse and repeat, why not introduce the different class of citizens over time and give them special abilities? Or upgradable stats? It's a bit bare bones as-is.

Sometimes it's a bit hard to tap properly where you want to, but who cares.

But that's not the biggest issue with C:TZP, there would be more room for upgrades and complex systems if there was any kind of pressure on the player to play well. Zombies will start attacking people (and turn them into zombies), but it's not based on a number of moves, it's rather based on a timer, why not show the timer? You can make a bunch of random moves without penalty, you can setup big chains and combos but there's no pay-off, it's not like you're getting scored, or trying to complete a level with the least amount of moves, you just play randomly until you win.

Look at all these power-ups!

The power-ups range from 'kill a zombie' to 'kill a bunch of zombies', they're not really creative. There's one that turns three characters into 'wildcards', but that's pretty much it. Why not have a powerup to slow time? Or show you the best moves you could make? Or turn all characters of one type into another? The possibilities are there, but C:TZP is a frantic puzzle game where you just swap characters without thinking much about it.