Happy 5th Anniversary To The Beardcast


Five years ago today, myself, Brian Belida, and Tyler Ohlew got a wild idea to start a podcast called The Beardcast. In many ways it was a spoof of what we've heard other podcasts do, but over the years it evolved into something truly special, and built the foundation to the site you're currently reading today. 

With that being said, it brings me great joy to tell you that there's a BRAND NEW Beardcast episode with the three of us, and you can listen to it below. You can also head to the showpage, or, if you're truly an oldschool Bearder, update your iTunes listing! 

If you're a fan of the Beardcast from way-back, we thank you for the undying support you've given a bunch of goofy guys over the years. If you're more familiar with Free To Play or the Jumpcast, you can see what Nitrobeard was like during its smaller years, and take a trip down memory lane with us. Regardless, we thank you for everything, and we couldn't do this without you! 

The Beardcast is dead, long live the Beardcast!