Godus Brings Back The Godgame

Godus, a godgame by 22Cans, will be hitting Steam's Early Access on September 13th. The footage brings me back to my many hours spent with Populous and the Black & White titles, which took entire summers of productivity away from me growing up. You carve and sculpt the land in which your people live, and depending on your actions, your culture will either reap the benefits, or suffer the consequences.

It's exciting to witness a godgame see the light of day in this era, as these games have a ton of strategy, and make for great watercooler moments, but sadly haven't been strongly represented lately. Adding in multiplayer, in which you can challenge other gods in huge civilization vs. civilization battles, is sure to add some fun drama to the proceedings. I mean, unless you challenge me, then the only outcome will be YOUR TEARS OFFERING SWEET NECTAR TO MY PEOPLE.

When you purchase the beta on Early Access, you'll be granted every update, plus the full game when it launches, at no extra charge.  There's only a PC version at the moment, but 22Cans has said they're working on Mac, iOS, and Android device support for the future, so anybody interested will have the chance to be a bigger-than-life caregiver (or dictator)!