Some Games


Here are some games I think you should pay attention to. They're not on Steam (yet?). Yes! There are games that are not on Steam!

Moon Intern is, and I quote, "a serialized side-scrolling action RPG about love, action, and exploration." Oh also you're an intern. On the moon . It was Kickstarted last year, beat its goal by $13,000, and is in the midst of development.

We had Larry Griffin, Moon Intern developer, on the Beardcast in July of last year. He's even pixelling portraits of people who pledged, yours truly included.

Lots of love in this game!

In addition to having an awesome website, Dungeon Dashers has lovely lovely turn-based dungeon crawling goodness.  The idea, by developer Andy Sum, is to bring cooperative tabletop gaming fun to the computer.

This game feels really good and crisp. There's loot, monsters to slay, abilities to gain; and it's gorgeous to look at.

Vive la tabletop révolution! Now someone just needs to get on that online version of Heroscape.

Race The Sun  is an endless runner. An endless runner NOT on a mobile device? Yes! And it's really quite good. Also nerve-wracking. Also relaxing? It's all things.

You play as a solar-powered craft racing across an infinite landscape full of bizarro shapes and things trying to get in your way while trying to keep up with the sun lest your solar-powered craft runs out of solar power. As the sun gets lower the shadows of those things in your way get longer and things in general become more difficult for you. 

Now go forth and play games!