X Rebirth Rustles Various Jimmies

X Rebirth Looks To Redefine The Long-Running Series; Will In Turn Cause Me Chronic Loss Of Sleep

The X series is a favorite of mine, but I've sadly not spent near the amount of time with the games as I'd like. They're very complex, almost staggeringly so, and require a lot of patience. You're a freelancer in space, traveling through the universe, doing dirty deeds, illegal trading, and causing anarchy and mischief at every turn. Or, you can play the straight-shooter: Keep all of your transactions on the up-and-up, do good deeds for smaller shops, or even open up your own merchant business. Crave fights? You can do that as well, becoming the go-to guy to get bad (or good) guys dead. The universe is your oyster, and while it can be exhilirating, it can also be overbearing.

X Rebirth seems to not only add to the amount of experiences you can have, but it seems to take the hardcore complexity out of actually doing those experiences: Not that the title will have any less depth, it will just be much easier to approach. No longer will you have to study resource manuals to learn how to fly your ship properly: It's all doable on an XBox 360 controller, for instance.  

The game's coming out in Europe on November 15th for PC, and November 19th for the US. Can't wait to get in on the X-style action? Catch up on the older games in the series on Steam. As always, for more information (including Mac ports for the older titles!), check out Egosoft's official website. See you, space cowboy!