iLook at Knights of Pen and Paper!

Knights of Pen and Paper is a turn-based RPG with a twist that makes you the players of a pen and paper tabletop RPG. Mixing story beats and concepts from the real world and a fantasy world, it's an addictive little game with very few issues that I played for a bunch of hours, broken here and there by technical issues that had me redo entire quest lines.

You can buy new floors, walls, furniture, game master, book, pet, etc. All for various effects.

Starting with a few gold coins to hire your first party members, you can choose between mage, priest, fighter and rogue. Along the way, you'll unlock new classes (such as druid and barbarian) and new players to choose from. All players have passive abilities, the Pizza Guy costs less to add to the table, Grandma has more threat (odds that enemies will attack her) and so on. You also get to buy a bunch of things for your playing room and while some options aren't any good (I'm thinking about furniture where nothing really interested me and I bought something just because)you'll get stuff for your room that will match the way you play the game, focusing on regenerating health and mana, more attack, etc.

Oh I get it, this is funny.

You then go around a map, doing quests, getting experience and gold and progressing forward in the storyline. The map is a bit confusing, what's that percentage next to the location name about?  I wish I'd knew because it changes over time and I didn't figure out yet what it's supposed to represent. While traveling, you may encounter random monsters, find grindstones to bring to blacksmiths, explore dungeons and progress in the map to fight stronger enemies and get more gold/better items. A way to fast-travel around would have been nice! 


Don't worry, I'll make it

The battle system is well-realized. You choose what kind of enemies you want to fight (except in forced encounters) and then you go. A bar will tell you how hard the fight should be (but it won't take into account your skills and items) and then you go. I wish sometimes that they added more information to that screen, attack and HP aren't enough when some enemies are immune or resistant to some of your skills, when they have special attacks that deal far more damage, or stun your team, or things like that. Don't show it on the first fight, but later on if you encounter that enemy again, show these reminders, it'd be useful. The fights are turn-based and a stat called initiative is used to determine who goes first. How tho, I can't say, sometimes my characters will go in reverse order than the usual and there's no way to tell why.

The barbarian is pretty good but attacks randomly

Each character has a weapon, armor, 4 misc equipment slots and 4 skills. Some classes have more passive skills than others and some don't synergise well with other players so you'll have to think when making your party. At some point you get a bunch of new players with better passives than your starting crew, so you might want to restart the game then. You keep some things when you restart, you keep your gold, room layout and unlocked classes/characters. I wish you kept your equipment, items and blacksmith level. Some of these items are expensive, it takes a while to level up your blacksmith and leveling up your equipment takes luck and money, so it's annoying to go back to nothing each time. Maybe you could just farm for a truckload of gold to pass on your next team, but if your goal is to restart with another one, you probably don't want to hang around with your old one too much.


I like my success rates higher than 35% usually.

Gold is a bit weird in this game, you can buy 10 000 for 5$ which isn't insane but it's used in different proportions here and there. Items to customize your room will be between 200 and 1000 gold, crafting starts at 135 and doubles each level, random items are pretty cheap but you'll need to buy new ones from time to time because at each player level there's a new accessory you can equip. Enemies don't give that much gold, even with tons of gold find bonuses. You get more exp for fighting 7 monsters at a time, but no apparent bonus to gold. Make gold more standard, make prices similar for things that are worth about the same, stat-wise. Also surface all the stats somewhere while we're at it. I'd love to know how much gold find I have with all my characters!


479 gold isn't that much in the endgame

If you love role playing games, Knights of Pen and Paper is pretty good. The battle system moves fast, you have plenty of options and upgrades to work toward and it's not very difficult if you grind a bit. Some bugs might be present here and there but they didn't break my enjoyment of the game.