iLook at Bad Piggies!

Bad Piggies is a physics-based game similar but not identical to Angry Birds. In this game, you build vehicles and try to get at the end of multiple stages by completing optional objectives to win stars that will allow you to play harder levels and unlock more things to play with in sandbox mode. This game is pretty silly and I enjoyed it a bunch.


In Bad Piggies, you need to find pieces of a map to eggs, or something. This is pretty irrelevant because the map pieces are just there to show you the end of the level. The game is split in two parts, building your vehicle and driving it to the finish line. It's very easy to build things using the parts you're given but sometimes the puzzle lies more in the control of your vehicle. And here's the thing I dislike the most about Bad Piggies, controlling your creations is bound by physics and as such is a bit random, you can have the perfect vehicle and know what to do but fail a few times and wonder if you're wrong, starting all over even though your design was solid.

Tons of things to place and you'll need most of them

There are a ton of different items you can use to build your vehicles and there's a little book to tell you what they do, maybe it'd be better if there was a table of content so you could see all the info you have instead of having to move page per page. You need to place one pig, at least one box and a way to propel yourself (wheels with engines, balloons, pressured soda bottles,  fans, and other things). Some levels have special challenges like not using some pieces that might seem obvious to use, or placing a massive king piggy in your vehicle, or beating some time limit, or getting special boxes. These challenges are quite tough sometimes and you can't beat them all at the same time, giving you reasons to replay levels.

Best airplane ever

Making really stupid designs and watching them spin around and crash is silly fun, sometimes you'll even make it to the end with your vehicle destroyed and your pig rolling around to the exit, as the game goes on, it's not really possible to do anymore. Navigating mazes, popping balloons, dropping ballast, starting and stopping engines, using punching gloves and fans, the game gets pretty challenging and there are tons of levels and unlocks. I really liked Bad Piggies, even if sometimes it felt a bit out of control. Fun out of control.

I got at the end! And I got all stars! Don't mind my busted 'airplane'