Serve The Newell, Get Rewarded With Cards And Stuff

Steam Summer Sale is here, gang! For those that aren't initiated, Steam runs seasonal sales with CRAZY OUTRAGEOUS SAVINGS for the PC master race, and the deals are so good, you're insane if you don't empty your wallet. For instance, my haul so far, for under $20, is Age of Empires 2 HD, Half Minute Hero, Hotline Miami, FTL, and Puzzle Quest 2. Seeing as how those games add up to about $55, I'd say I'm doing PRETTY WELL thus far! 

What's YOUR Steam haul look like so far? Any games you're waiting to drop in price? Also, with the addition of Steam Trading Cards, what games do you want to get the Carding treatment? My answer? ALL OF THEEEMMMMMMMMMM! 

Be sure to install Steam (which is free from the link above), and be involved in the MADNESS! The sale started on July 11th, and lasts until the 22nd, so GET TO IT!