iLook at Smooth Operators!

Smooth Operators is a call center simulation game and it's not a casual game where anything you do is somewhat good, actually, I've found it way too hard for no reason. The controls were a bit convoluted and I never could figure the right balance between keeping my employees happy, having enough money to build what I wanted and the unlocks didn't seem to come quickly enough.

Why would you start on hard? This is so hard already.

You start with some money and a contract and need to build up offices for people to work in. You have inbound calls, outbound calls and office stuff to do. You build the offices, hire some people without being sure of what they'll bring to your company and watch them run around. I really don't like how your employees will immediately leave your offices as the first thing they do, why don't they stay? Why don't they spawn outside and walk in? Nope, instead you purchase them and they leave.  You need to make sure your employees are happy or they'll quit, and this can happen on your third or fourth day because of minor things, like elevators taking lots of time.

Hiring people is a pain

You need elevators for people to go between floors and elevators are quite costly, people get mad when it takes a bit of time for the elevator to get to their floors and you'll see it constantly with little angry bubbles over their heads. You can upgrade your elevators to make them go faster or hold more people, but you need a manager to be able to upgrade things. You don't get managers in the first 6 days, and that's enough time for your employees to get angry after elevators and just leave, leaving you to hire new ones, why's that?  All upgrades, training, building above floor 4 and all that are locked behind you having a manager, it's slightly annoying because it makes the beginning of the game a zero-sum game, there's mostly one way to win it right.

Why? That UI is so bad.

Hiring and building is pretty annoying. You have to open a menu to buy things, then if you want to build a room you drag and drop the room to a valid location, if you want to hire you open another menu then you select the type of worker you want, then you select the chair you want them to occupy. Why not have the buy button and then show me a choice between rooms and people. If I want to make rooms, show me a grid of the valid places where I can build things, let me tap on the grid then choose a room. For people, let me just tap on chairs and hire directly from there, no need to select three options and then need to tap on a chair to hire people. This makes hiring and building annoying, especially when timer is marching on and you need to buy or hire fast. 

Oh that's very useful, thanks.

Smooth Operators is weird, I don't like it much even if it seems interesting at first glance, you need to have exactly the right amount of people to offer the right amount of service otherwise you'll lose sales or people will be unhappy because they don't have anything to work on. The fact that you don't really know what your employees are doing other than the little bars draining and that they act randomly, moving in the buildings, complaining about elevators and how much/how little work they have. Maybe the game opens up after you get upgrades but doing the same thing over and over only to get to that point didn't seem compelling to me.

Show, don't tell! Don't tell me everything, help me build the foundations of my business first!