Starcraft 2 Adds Account Spawning

Ever wanted to try Starcraft 2, but didn't want to drop the coin on Wings of Liberty, or Heart of the Swarm? Blizzard has you covered, and here's how: 

If you're a player of Starcraft 2's Starter Edition (which is free of charge), you can now group up with players that own either Wings of Liberty, or Heart of the Swarm, and play custom games with all units and features unlocked. While you don't get single-player access, and you're stuck with the Starter Edition's lone race (as of this post, it's Terran), it's a GREAT way to try out the team-play and functionality from Starcraft 2 without dropping a dime. Do Ranked Ladder matches, custom games with up to 14 other users (Nitrobeard Game Night, anyone?), and even the versus AI mode for some fun practice against bots. 

Right now, though, Blizzard has lifted the race restriction of Starter Edition, meaning that if you play for the next week, you can have ALL THREE RACES at your disposal for some awesome team-based shenanigans. Be still my heart! Add me up on (Kami#112), and I'll see you in-game!