Remembering Ebert

Today was a bit melancholy, as acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert passed away. His critical voice was one I always aspired to, as even if I didn't always agree with what Ebert said, I fully respected his process of getting to his truth. Ebert, alongside Gene Siskel, were a duo of critics that pushed the boundaries on what entertainment criticism meant, and how it should be handled. They left a significant impact, and did so by being honest.

I beat Bioshock Infinite earlier today, and it brought me to the 'games as art' debate, something that Roger Ebert was notorious for denouncing. A part of me wonders if Ebert just 'didn't get it', but part of me thinks he did, and he might be right. That's the sign of a good critic.

You'll be missed, and for all of us younger guys trying to find our voices in this crazy blogging world, thanks for everything.