Age Of Empires 2 Gets Gussied-Up With HD Remake

As the strategy guy here at Nitrobeard, I feel it's my civil duty to inform you that Age of Empires 2 is getting the HD treatment, courtesy of Hidden Path Entertainment (Defense Grid, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

Age of Empires 2 is truly a game I'd call 'timeless'. The balance, unit compositions, and sense of technological progression is unlike any other RTS, and it's the best of the best, back when RTS titles were in their prime. Ensemble Studios (who is no longer with us as of 2009) had a knack for developing strategy games that were extremely friendly to newcomers, but infinitely replayable, and nearly impossible to master. While I love my Company of Heroes and Starcrafts and Warcrafts, if I were to call one RTS game my favorite, it'd probably be Age of Empires 2. To say I'm stoked for this HD remake would be a vast understatement.

 You can preorder on Steam and save 10%, but you better hurry, as AoE2 HD comes out April 9th. You wouldn't want to keep William Wallace waiting, now would you?