The Most Blatant Plagiarism You'll See All Day

We talk a bit on this site and on the podcasts about gaming journalism: what's wrong with it, what can be improved, and who's not helping. However, no matter how many little issues we have with some sites, none of them should ever be compared to this bullshit. It appears that there's at least one author over at GamesXentral who's plagiarizing all his work - sometimes not even going through the effort of rehosting images.

Judge for yourself. Here's an original article on Hardcore Gaming 101 by John Szczepaniak, and here's the plagiarized version on GamesXentral by Warren Nichols

If you write for a gaming site and happen to have stumbled here, it might serve you to take a look through GamesXentral to see if they're plagiarizing your work or your colleagues' work. Or, if you have access to it, check your server logs for GamesXentral in the referrer URL to see if they're using  your images without rehosting.