Starcraft 2 HotS Is A Social Butterfly

Starcraft 2's first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, is primed and ready to rock on March 12th. There's a number of slight adjustments to your ordinary RTS staples (new units, improved balance, new campaign), but what really has me interested is the improved social features.

The Group and Clan functionality is very similar to a World of Warcraft guild, and for casual armchair commanders like me, this is great news. No longer will I be forced to go to Starcraft's official forums, or's strategy forums in order to feel inadequate with my lack of micro and macro skills, I'll be able to feel shamed from the comfortable atmosphere of INSIDE the game, amongst friends.

Also I guess this means I should probably play Starcraft 2 some more, yeah? Don't want to let those Top 50 Bronze skills go to waste!