Some Sites

Man, there's a lot of websites out there. Some for a lot of things, others for specific things. Here are my most-frequented ones:

  • Pocket Tactics
    Great coverage of "proper games" for your mobile devices.
  • Red Door Blue Key
    From the same network as Pocket Tactics, except focused on PC gaming, and in the same vein is tailored coverage not necessarily news news news.
  • Evil Avatar
    Not a place for in-depth journalism or articles, but they get their hands on a lot of news way before other sites seem to.
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    PC-focused site, you probably already read RPS. If you don't: do.
  • Shut Up & Sit Down
    A website for board games! Weekly news, a video review every Friday; really stellar content.

Which sites do you read when it comes to games?