iLook at Rayman Fiesta Run!

Rayman Fiesta Run is a little running game where you jump, punch and glide across levels, trying to collect everything. I liked it quite a lot, even if some of its systems attempt to change the dynamic of the game - and fail at it - and the very shallow nature of the upgrades you get along the way disappointed me.

You need to be good at games to get to the end

I love the way you progress on the world map by finding teensies in the level, it encourages you to replay them multiple times until you get it perfectly in one go. You can restart at any point - and that lets you keep the temporary upgrades you've bought - or if you die, you restart at the beginning of the level without your upgrades - this isn't consistent, it should let you keep your upgrades even when you die - when you perfectly complete a level, you unlock a harder version of it, and then you'll die, a lot. These levels are very challenging - and collecting all 100 teensies is even more of a challenge.

Oh man 20 attacks that sounds like a steal!

And here the game breaks down a bit, you can buy different things with your teensies - new character models, concept art - and some upgrades that will help you for the level - if you don't die. You can buy flying punches (useless, when you need them the game gives them to you) and the ability to take more hits, which is rendered useless by the final upgrade, a mode where the game draws lines on the levels and tell you where you have to jump and punch and glide, why would you buy the hearts while you can just have the game help you beat the levels? Another problem are the 'permanent' upgrades you get, you start by only being able to jump, then you can punch, glide and wall-run. These upgrades are only useful in the levels after you get them. They're not really upgrades if they're mandatory to continue the game, why not hide some stuff in the previous levels that you can just access with these upgrades?


And the feature that helps you through levels is broken. I liked the idea of the game turning into some sort of QTE fest where you look for icons to punch and jump at the right times and that nets you 100% of everything if you do it right, but it's a static line through the level and it doesn't even show correct info 100% of the time. Sometimes it forgets to tell you to punch or jump, sometimes if you fall behind a little (but still stay on course) the rhythm of the line doesn't work anymore. If you're on a regular level, you probably can reset, if you're on a harder one and die because you miss a prompt, you have to pay the 80 teensies again. It's too bad, I love games like Joe Danger where there's a focus on snappy controls and quick reflexes, not bumbling around in loops where you go the wrong way for no reason.