Hey, You! Play Board Games: Infiltration


There's A Cybertower. Cyberbreak Into It And Get The Coveted Cyberdata!

  • 2 - 6 players
  • 30 - 45 minutes

Infiltration is actually a bit like Forbidden Island. Except instead of helping each other find the four treasures and get off the island before it sinks- you are trying desperately to screw over the other players while collecting as many packets of data as you can before the cyberpolice descend upon the building you've all heisted into at the same time for some reason.

Here's the set-up: the play area is a linear tower made up of thirteen room cards. Six first-floor rooms, Six second-floor rooms, and one secret room. The players play data-thieves, with the goal of getting in and out of the building having downloaded more data (tokens valued 1-3)  than the other guy. Rooms are revealed as you move into them so you have no idea what you are about to find. Replayability is high thanks to different combinations and order of rooms. Such as...

The Security Checkpoint with Officer Cosgrove who will shoot you then run backwards through all of the rooms shooting any other players he finds until he escapes the building. Or a surveillance room and by revealing it you've just upped the alarm dial, thereby accelerating the inevitable arrival of the cyberpolice.

Oh, did I mention Infiltration had a timer? Infiltration has a timer, and it's up to you if you want to push your luck deeper into the tower where the rewards may be greater, but escaping will also be much more difficult, or if you want to kite the lower rooms for boring, boring first-floor data. I unfortunately always  have the hope that I'll find the executive elevator on the second floor which would allow my escape from the building, but inevitably it's just a server room and the other players snicker as they sneak away.

Robert Florence at Rock, Paper, Shotgun did a fun write-up about Infiltration last year if you crave more cyberinformation. I'll see you on the second floor.