iLook at Devil's Attorney!

Devil's Attorney is a nice little turn-based RPG for iOS. You play Max McMann, a shady defense attorney that'll defend anyone. You go to cases, fight with the skills you have unlocked, and then gain money to buy items and furniture that allow you to unlock more skills. The writing is very funny and even if the randomness breaks the game a little, I've enjoyed it so much that I beat it in a few days.

Here's how the game plays, basically.

You have Case Strength (HP) and some action points, you have an array of skills (some default ones and some coming from upgrades) and you have to defeat all of your opponents. Some skills only work on witnesses, some only work on evidence. Some witnesses boost others, some deal damage. Prosecutors have different powers, some heal, some grow stronger each turn, some deal damage equal to their current life. All levels are their own little puzzles. Defeat the witnesses and the characters that only exist to boost witnesses go away. It's important to plan who to take down first and use the right moves.

I maxed Materialism first because Tirade deals X damage where X is how much action points you spend

The game breaks down in some fashion here, most of your moves have random damage ranges, 1-3, 3-5, 1-5, 2-4, things like that. There are a few abilities to increase your damage (or make it stable) but the puzzle breaks when you know you 'can' finish a case in one turn, but getting three 1s in a row on a 1-5 damage range will force you to restart. I've restarted plenty of times until randomness worked my way - because you have to try until you win, anyway. So it's a bit frustrating. Removing the randomness would've made the game entirely a puzzle game, so maybe having more ways to improve your damage and specific skills would've helped.

There's a whole storyline about how one prosecutor might be canadian

There's a whole storyline about how one prosecutor might be canadian

The upgrade system is fine, you get money from cases - more money if you finish under a certain number of turns - and you upgrade your apartment(s) and later on choose items to buy. It's all choice-based, you have one spot for your bed, one for your kitchen sink, and they all give +1 in one stat. Items are more varied, you might have one that allows the use of a skill twice in one case, or +1 max damage for one skill, or more HP. It's a good balance, but it doesn't cover everything, I wish there were more items to buy or more choices per item, since there's a limited number of cases - the dialogue is pretty much great for all of them - you can't grind, so I suppose that's why the number of items you can get is limited.

I chose the first one, it's funny

I really loved Devil's Attorney! It played really well on a touch device, the writing was funny and the gameplay mixed up between cases - due to the differences between the prosecutors. Not much to complain about except how you'd skip whole blocks of dialogue if you tapped at the wrong moment, I wish there was a way to listen to all cutscenes after the fact. In any case, if you love lawyering RPGs, or little turn based games on the iPad, play Devil's Attorney, it's good!