iLook at Device-6!

Device-6 is a puzzle game that prefers style over substance; While it is very interesting visually to have some kind of novel where the orientation of the words change and you scroll through the story like you were a character moving in a book, actually playing it never felt 'fun' for me, the puzzles were more alike to busywork than brain teasers. Also, even if it has no impact on the gameplay argument, I didn't find the story particularity interesting, therefore that failed to grab me and prevented me from deleting it. 

Most levels start like this

The way this game works is this, you scroll through text in a specific iPad orientation until it needs to change, then you scroll some more and there are puzzle hints scattered here and there. Sometimes you can scroll in multiple directions and flip your iPad multiple times to get to some dead-end with a little hint. Then you solve the puzzle and the next level starts. If you quit a level, you have to start it over, it's also not very fun to turn your device around and scroll like crazy because you just want to get back to the beginning of the level where there was a puzzle hint about bears. It's a very complex issue for me to comment on because making this a flat book where you turn pages would probably be even more boring, hmm.

Hope you're reading this on an iPad!

And that's pretty much all there is to say about Device-6. The puzzles are standard logic ones - there are three locks on this door, each is tied to a password, three stuffed bear statues tell you the passwords but they got it all wrong, find out what the password is - or use special goggles to see hidden messages on the pictures, things of the like. The use of audio-visual elements is well done and improves the way the puzzles work - they would be much worse if it was text-only.


Device-6 was too light, mechanics-wise, for me, so I couldn't enjoy it, and I like I said, I didn't feel particularly interested by the story or puzzle, but it creates a weird genre of gameplay where I can't really suggest anything to make it better. It reads like a story, but there's a sense of space and time, the puzzles integrate well in the environment  and the graphic style is pretty neat. There's also some good humour here and there. If you'd think that'd be enough for you, try Device-6, why not?