You Should Totally Help Kickstart 'The Mandate'

The Mandate mixes Battlestar Galactica, FTL, XCom, and all other good things

I recently found out about The Mandate, Perihelion Interactive's ambitious foray into the world of 'space opera' videogames. I wanted to find a few things to say about how promising the game looks, but on their Kickstarter page, they've already written what may be the perfect paragraph.

With both iterative and entirely unique mechanics and concepts, we’ve been inspired by franchises such as X Com for our upgrading system, Fallout for scavenging and survival, Battlestar Galactica for the sense of home and community, crewmanship, Star Trek Online and Klingon Academy for space battles, and Jagged Alliance or Men of War for RTS style boarding operations. We’re taking the best of what was, and reinstating the old-school – and we’re confident we’re doing it right.

Yeah, not much more I can add to that. The game's already been Greenlit on Steam, but you could be a swell pal and go make sure they get their sweet, sweet Kickstarter money. I mean, they're mixing XCom, Battlestar, and Fallout, and you're sitting here not Kickstarting them? The nerve of some people!