I look at The Typing Of The Dead:Overkill!

I have never played the original typing of the dead - weird twist on the arcade zombie shooter genre where FBI agents armed with keyboards hooked up to Dreamcast backpacks hunt zombies and other monsters by typing up words instead of aiming and shooting. There are no keyboards in this game, but it's still the same concept.

Friend leaderboards are neat, but I wish I had more friends!

The basic concept of the game is simple, you move automatically and zombies pop up from time to time with word prompts in front of them, you type up the words and they die, otherwise you might get hit and lose life, when you're out of life, it's game over. Everything works with typing, to a fault, Shooting down projectiles thrown by enemies is done by typing letters, boss fights are all about typing words and some QTEs where you have to struggle free of an enemy's grasp is also done by typing. It gets boring after a while, because there's literally nothing else to do. Saving civilians - which meant being careful not to shoot them in traditional HoTD games now just means typing a few words. Why not have a bunch of letters pop out for the enemies and the civilian and you have to type all the individual enemy letters and not the civilian's to save him?

Quick type some letters!

Otherwise, the levels are pretty uninteresting. There are a bunch of locales and you can keep your eyes peeled for "unlockables" (I wish there was some progression in this game instead of gathering useless concept art) and some dubious powerups, such as a slow motion that would be awesome if it was before huge rooms full of enemies, not randomly there to make you waste thime. The level design is also fairly predictable, with jump scares everytime your character turns around. Standard stuff.

Bosses do interesting things... sometimes.

Much of the comments I could have about this game would apply to the original House of The Dead: Overkill. The words are pretty funny and there's going to be a multiplayer mode in the future, probably. There's very little replay value if you don't care about score and collectibles, which is kind of a shame, but oh well.