iLook at Cook, Serve, Delicious!

At least now they're telling me I don't have room for error

Far from me to remind people of the review I wrote of the original PC version of Cook, Serve, Delicious but CSD was one of the contestants from my game of the year last year, it was a fun, fast paced wario-ware in spirit game where you made foods and accomplished chores in a restaurant in a micro-game fashion. I was pleased to try the iPad version - maybe it would've fixed the few things I didn't like about the original - oh, how wrong was I.

One of the things I didn't appreciate in the original CSD is how you had to 'commit' to failure. If you mess up any part of a micro-game (choosing the wrong wine bottle, adding the wrong ingredients to a salad, etc.) you had to serve the botched meal to your customer. This game is still the same way, but now there are some instructions telling you this. It's not a big improvement, and in fact, it's worse in this version, because...

I really don't like you, iOS version of Cook Serve Delicious

The touch controls are HORRIBLE! It's barely playable for me! Cooking a fish usually was left key, down key, right key, then S and enter, you could get used to doing it really fast. Now it's swipe down (from a specific point on the screen), swipe left, swipe down again, then tap an icon and tap the ticket at the bottom of the screen? Lasagna is insane, you have to quickly stack 4 things 3 times in a row, and if you mess the order - and god forbid you go too fast for the ipad or it just doesn't registers your finger tapping quickly everywhere - it's even MORE frustrating because it's the device's fault. Maybe if they had slowed down the pace a little? Made the swipe motions possible to do everywhere on the screen? Made the actual icons you had to tap much bigger? Allowed you to restart botched orders? Bolted a controller with actual buttons to the iPad?

This used to be quick keypresses now it's unprecise swipes

Sorry Cook Serve Delicious, maybe I'll play a new game of the PC version - it's really good, but it gets tough - but this iPad port is just terrible. I've never failed so many orders, and everytime I swore it wasn't my fault.