iLook at Escape From Doom!

Not unlike Gun Runner - some game I've made - Escape From Doom is an endless runner with first person shooter elements, however, poor controls ruin the whole experience and no amount of little perks and unlockables will make me want to play any more of it.


A game of EFD basically goes like this: You start running from inside a temple, then you go in a desert where you need to move left or right to dodge zombies, avoid pillars and collect urns. Urns will contain gems or keys and you need the keys to unlock chests; Chests contain weapons and you need those to kill zombies. First and foremost, the controls are bad, the game offers three way to play it and they're all so-so. Which ever you pick (left and right move, center shoots / left half of the screen moves, right half shoots / tilt moves, touch shoots) you're going to be annoyed by how imprecise it feels. 

Here I am, crossbowguy 2013

In other games, you could have a crosshair that showed you where you aimed and it was easy to shoot even moving targets, in this game, you're unsure of where you're going to hit. For a game with limited ammo and very rare weapons - keys aren't that common - I wish there would be a fat thick line to tell me where I'll hit if I waste my ammo. Or maybe have enemies react more when they die? As it is now, it's very tough to shoot the billions of mummies because there's no way to tell where you're aiming. And you lose your weapons when you die too, so good luck if you get caught trying to take your time to kill stuff.


Well I love perks...

As you level up, you unlock new weapons - that you can find in the urns - and some perks, like getting double the ammo, seeing through sandstorms and getting a second life when you die. You gain level by completing missions such as killing more than one enemy at once, running for 2000m, that kind of thing. You can also spend gems to unlock these things faster, but the gems come in really slowly - you lose some when you get hit during your runs. These mechanics and systems are all fine, if only they were in a fun game. 


Even enemies act weird; you can get hit by swords and the flailing arms of the undead if you go besides them, but it seems that only head-on collisions will end your runs.  I wish you had a life bar and lost life for each hit but wouldn't game over immediately if you bumped into one of them. There are tons of enemies and your vision isn't always perfect so it's quite hard to see them coming - and having to restart is frustrating since you don't seem to be making any progress.

Oh well.