Hey, You! Play Board Games: Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Get The Island, Then Get The Treasure, Then GET OFF THAT ISLAND

  • 2 - 4 players
  • 30 minutes

Last week I started off a list of starter recommendations for those looking to try out tabletop gaming with the dungeon-building card game Boss Monster . This week things go a bit less complex and a lot more frantic.


You play a team of ADVENTURERS working together to find four treasures while doing your best to keep the island you're on from sinking into the ocean. You'll move around the island (made up of tiles), shore tiles up so they're not lost to the ocean, collect treasure cards, and cash in treasure cards for treasure. Mechanically, Forbidden Island is very simple; but before you know it you'll be scrambling around the island attempting to figure out how you can possibly keep from going under.

Forbidden Island is an easy choice as a starter recommendation; it's thematic, approachable, and you'll get to say things like, "just got done playing forbidden island with my wife!" 

Read Jonathan Liu's review over at Wired for more information, there's also an iOS App if you want to go that route. 

A sequel, called Forbidden Desert, looks like a nice evolution and recently came out, though that I haven't played it yet.