iLook at Tower of Fortune 2!

A bit like King Cashing, Tower of Fortune is a game based on slot machines. You explore maps by spinning slots, you fight enemies that way, you collect loot, forge items and interact with the tavern by pressing a 'SPIN' button. The comparison stops there, though. While King Cashing was a fun RPG, this game is a brutal roguelike and dying means having to start all over (except if you bought a thing that saves your equipment when you die) and the game kinda feels unfair at times.

Spin to order beer!

You need gold in this game. Re-spinning the wheel (to avoid being killed in many ways, or to succeed at crafting), buying boosts (such as extra equipment slots and insurance to keep your items after you die) and unlocking the next maps (quite costly) all take gold. You can buy packs of gold with the traditional BEST VALUE and MOST POPULAR labels stuck next to the 99.99$ package. The game doles gold too slowly and really tries to get you to spend it at any turn. The 're-spin' function by itself can be an immense gold sink. 

Don't match skulls!

The battles can be weird at times. Getting hit multiple times in a row increases your damage dramatically (so you want to re-spin to prevent that) and some enemies even counterattack you from times to times. Some enemies take your gold when they attack, some have multiple forms. As for yourself, you can attack, stun your enemies, get hit or increase your rage (at 100% you turn into a hulking punch monster) but the randomness doesn't let you plan anything. Leveling up unlocks skills such as "Stunning the enemy heals you" or "Matching 2-3 swords increases your damage by 15%". It's quite difficult to find what skill to use since you'll just spin random things anyways (except if you pay to re-spin, wink wink) 

I didn't realize I only had one equipment slot total and not one for each type

Gear is also weird, you can only equip one (and buy more slots at increasing prices) and the choices are not balanced against each other. 2-6 more damage or +57 maximum hit points? Since you start with 35 hit points, the bonus seems quite too much. Maybe allowing you to equip one of each 'type' of gear would make more sense here? Why do I have to choose between a helmet and a sword? Am I hitting things with the helmet? 

Fight or flight? Yeah right.

You'll also encounter NPCs and most of them will basically say "HEY FIGHT ME OR DON'T" and you won't know what they're worth until you fight them. That robot ronin one-shotted me, but now I know not to fight him anymore. Of course, since you lose everything when you die, this is maybe a harsh lesson, perhaps giving more info on foes you're going to potentially fight would be useful?

I didn't care much for Tower of Fortune 2, the randomness doesn't feel 'fun' and that's quite a bummer.