iLook at Dig!

Dig! is a bad remake of Qix. There's some slightly interesting stuff around the main game (upgrades, hats, collectibles, museum upgrades and things like that) but while you're moving around trying to dodge things and get treasures, the game feels too busy and most of the things you're against are unexplained.

The goal of each level is to get 75%+ of the map dug, but also to get artifacts

In Dig! You play a guy that digs around his garden for treasures. You swipe in four directions to move that way and dig around until you've cleared a block of land. Then you get some cash and if an artifact was in there, you can tap it to add it to grab it. Sometimes you'll also find hats which give you special abilities (but you need to unlock them beforehand), you can also use limited power-ups to make the game easier.  Enemies such as mummies and moles will try to kill you (you die in one hit if you don't have a hat) and they all follow special rules. The mummy walks randomly (I'm not sure) and if it hits your digging line, it will follow you really fast. Moles walk on lines, gnomes, uh, spin around randomly? Slimes, tentacles, mushrooms and other baddies are all out to get you. And this is where the game feels bad, the original Qix had a few enemies and you knew what they did after a game or two, but in Dig! even after 2 hours, I'm not sure how they work.

Watch out for the everything, dig guy!

The game spends so much time on flavor, with a story, achievements and microtransactions that it should take some time to help you with actually playing it. You get coins that you use to upgrade your museum, which brings you more coins. These coins are used to buy hats and power-ups and in turn you get more coins because you can progress through the game. But the base of the game isn't very fun, losing 5 seconds after the start of a level because a gnome just spun around in your direction is frustrating, using an invincibility power-up and still dying is also frustrating. At least you're always progressing forward with the gold and the hats. Although you only unlock and select the hats that will drop, you don't actually have them on by default, that would be nice, starting with some bonuses to help you instead of having to randomly maybe get them. 

You get money while not playing the game.

I don't really recommend Dig! to anyone, I really liked Qix but this game doesn't really capture what was fun with it, a weird upgrade system and frustrating gameplay just made me uninstall it.