iLook at Knightmare Tower!

Ignoring some weird technical issues here and there (some stuttering, which is weird for a game that fast-paced, and random crashes) Knightmare Tower is an okay port of the PC flash game of the same name. I didn't like the control scheme (which consists of tilting your device) and after playing the PC version again, the differences are minimal. Maybe another control scheme (virtual buttons?) would've been appreciated, and extra content?

This centipede-type monster is freaky

What you do in KT is quite simple; you launch from a rocket, then climb a tower while lava is rising under you. To gain speed, you slash monsters and rack up combos, but if you hit the bottom of the screen, you lose a bunch of speed (and potentially get too slow to escape the lava). Some monsters get spikes from times to times, some shoot at you, some are only there to die in one hit. It's a bit frustrating to fall in the lava a couple of times because the controls don't work the way you want., or miss the weak spot of an enemy.

Whenever you die, you get some gold to buy upgrades to do everything better (more life, more damage, more speed gained from monster, less air friction, etc.) and the progression through the game feels solid. Monsters that take 3-4 hits at the beginning end taking only one, and that's cool. You also complete a variety of missions that range from killing 50 monsters without being hurt or getting 3 potions in one run, and you are required to finish them all to beat the game.

You basically work to make more money to work better to make more money

By getting to certain heights, you free princesses and they add new items to the list of potential drops after you kill enemies. It starts with gold, then bomb, then potions, you find upgrades for some of these things afterwards and while the upgrades are cool, it would've been better to find new items with different functions.   The potions start with very few effect, but as you upgrade them, they make you into an invincible powered-up killing machine. After a while, the only thing left is to beat the boss, some reddit internet 9gag joke? I don't know, besides that it's quite frustrating to go up to that 25k meters tower only to be in bullet hell mode. Maybe some item you could buy would warp you to the boss when you've fought him at least once.


The upgrades are solid and make you feel more powerful as you go on, even if the enemies rise in difficulty, the controls are so-so and you end unlocking cool things a bit fast, that's what I think about Knightmare Tower. Maybe with more than one tower and one boss, this would've been more interesting with a progression through different themes and enemies.

I always upgrade swords first