iLook at Beat Sneak Bandit!

Beat Sneak Bandit is a rhythm stealth game where you need to tap the screen following a beat to move around environments filled with various devices and traps. The goal of each level is to get a clock with a red flag on top of it, but getting a bunch of optional clocks unlocks additional challenging levels and getting everything in each stage is the biggest difficulty.

So I jump down, move to the right, climb up, move to the left...

BSB lives and dies with the quality of the music. This is because you need to tap to the beat to do anything, and if you tap at the wrong time, you break one of the optional clocks and that means restarting the level if you're trying to get everything. The first world has some excellent beats that you can follow easily but it gets a bit weirder on the second and third world. I understand adding new mechanics here and there, teleporters, flying vacuums and the like, but making the beat frustrating and difficult to know when you can tap isn't challenging, it's just annoying. Just the fact that you break clocks when you miss beats is bad; there should be an option to restart if a clock breaks.

Go down, climb up, cross the bridges, fall, go up, cross more bridges, fall...

I'm unsure of what the Shadow Stages do, they're a bit more complicated but there isn't much randomness in BSB, only rhythm, of course, the way the music syncs up to the movement of things on screen isn't the most obvious ever, but since levels aren't timed, you can spend your time watching them as long as you want. Shadow Stages are unlocked by grabbing enough clocks, but grabbing clocks in these stages doesn't seem to do anything right now. It should be more obvious if they're counting towards something, either another secret world or some percentage of game completion.

Oh yeah, the art and music in this game is amazing

I wouldn't recommend BSB if you don't have a good rhythm sense, there's a flashing icon at the top of the screen to show you when you should tap, but in the heat of trying to dodge lasers, move on platforms and jump on guards, you won't have time to look at it, so it's fairly useless.  I'm not sure if the game would work by allowing you to tap anytime you want and have everything else move to a certain beat, but it would be an easier experience. That would shift the focus entirely to seeing the patterns and not so much to tap the right way. Maybe tapping to the beat could get you some kind of charge or points to reward players that do it but not penalize those who can't?

There should be an option to never be asked that again.