iLook at Joe Danger!

Joe Danger on iOS is really great, it's a combo-based score attack game with plenty of objectives, unlockables and mostly good controls. I've never played the console version and I bet it's really similar, but it works on other devices just as well. The new daily challenges they've added might also give players a good reason to play the game everyday and you can enjoy all of its content without buying any IAP.

Jump! Duck! Look out! Switch! Spin! Wheelie!

The controls are pretty simple in Joe Danger, you tap to jump, hold to duck, swipe left and right to wheelie, swipe up and down for other moves. You can double-jump, tap barricades to lower them, tap on bubbles to get their contents, tap on secret things in the levels to get awards, some levels have you swipe to change the road... The controls are very dense in Joe Danger, as much as people don't like them, I wish they would've offered virtual buttons, holding and releasing to duck often makes you jump, sometimes when you tap on things to collect them, you jump, swiping doesn't work 100% of the time and if you miss a trick and fall the wrong way, you have to restart, so maybe a bunch of buttons for these actions would make the game a bit better.

Santa Danger gives more coins, so of course I'm going to use him.

You'll probably want to retry levels more than once. They all have specific objectives such as hitting all the stunts, getting all the coins, letters, stars or other collectibles. Sometimes you have to tap a few stars along the way or the letters that spell DANGER. Some levels are races where you need to get first. There's also a Hello Games icon hidden in each stage and you need to beat a certain score (maybe the target score should be surfaced ) to get a trophy. You're not going to do all that in your first run, getting all the coins often requires memorization (but luckily there's a way to restart easily that snaps you at the beginning) and you need to do everything perfect in one go to get a special medal (and a fun fact that you can tweet for 100 more coins). I like how you can just restart and how you get coins every run so you're always progressing towards buying something.

I don't want to use a zombie if I don't get anything for it.

You get plenty of coins in Joe Danger, enough to never care about buying their 99$ package or whatever they've got. Coins are used to buy new characters and the most expensive one is 150000. Each character has three stats, maximum combo multiplier (multiplies your points and goes down when you're not performing tricks), score bonus and coin bonus, sadly, many characters are pretty much useless, it would've been better if some characters had special things going on for them, or everyone had different stats, as-is you could buy The King or Chicken Joe, but they're pretty much identical. Some challenges require you to play as a specific character with bonus levels shuffling through all of them (even the ones you didn't buy) so you have reasons to buy new ones, if only to try these levels once. I didn't like how quitting a bonus stage simply locked you out until you bought a new character tho.  Another problem with the characters are their voices, they literally have one voice clip that you might hear 4 times in a row if you select them, buy them, pick a level with them and perform a trick with them. Record 2-3 more voice clips per character, easy.

Maybe it's my OCD but I never lacked medals.

Medals you gain during stages help you unlock the next worlds and if you just re-run them over and over until you get everything, you'll be fine for most of the game. Getting the pro badges is the biggest challenge and you'll get so much coins trying to do it that you'll be able to buy new characters and get more score and coins. It's a fun little grind because the game is fast paced and controls reasonably well, the fact that you never hit any IAP walls is also a cool thing.