iLook at Rymdkapsel!

Rymdkapsel is a weird real time strategy game where you control a bunch of little white rectangles. You basically don't control them, you only assign what you want them to do (and you can select rooms you'd prefer they build first) but then they do their own thing, leaving you with less to do than watch. Always on a timer of imminent attack with three resource types to jungle, I thought it was an interesting, but not deep enough, little game.

You can only have one game of this at the same time I had to restart mine I hope you're happy, iLook.

You start the game with two guys and a bunch of resources. Your goal is to complete 3 missions - study all 4 monoliths, survive 28 waves of enemies and get to the monoliths before 45 minutes. The way the game plays is that you have up to five categories to place your guys in, construction, food processing, engineering, study and defense. If you place them in categories where there's no work to do, they'll just stay there doing nothing. I would've put them back in the Idle category when that happens.  You build corridors and rooms of various uses and try to spread out as far as you can to get the four monoliths, granting you passive bonuses as you study them.

Getting there!

You build cyan rooms to make cyan boxes, you build pink rooms next to pink squares to harvest them, you build blue rooms so your guys can defend themselves, you build green rooms to make green things that you then bring to yellow rooms to transform them into yellow triangles. Orange rooms are made to create 2 more guys. There's probably a balance, a golden number, in this game. There's no randomness, the monoliths are always more-or-less the same places and you have the same resources, so there's a way to perfectly win at this game, and that makes it a bit boring for me, I wish there was more to it than just getting to the monoliths.  Sometimes you have too much yellow triangles, something you need to move a guy to engineering, but it's all very simple. Prioritizing the order of build structures is also a must, otherwise your guys will just build everywhere.

Pew pew pew!

You're always on a timer, enemies attack in waves and you better get your guys to the blue rooms before they get attacked, because they die really fast. As the waves go by, more and more enemies attack, but they're always the same, and the delay between attacks gets shorter over time, so you always need to build more guys, and to do that you need more cyan/pink/yellow things, so you need to build more rooms (I love how the rooms are all tetromino-shaped and you randomly get a different one each time you build a room) until you win? I don't know, I managed to complete a few missions, but even though this was very interesting, I got bored. Maybe with more complex systems and some more content, this kind of gameplay would be perfect for iOS