More FFVII PC Fun, Square Makes Things Right

Hey guys, here's another update on the whole Final Fantasy VII PC re-release fiasco, which I've written about, and mentioned on the new Beardcast. I wake up today, to find this email in my inbox:


We are aware that you attempted to purchase the PC version of FINAL FANTASY VII this weekend.  Please understand that while the transaction was completed, you downloaded a pre-release build of the game that was unintentionally made available online during a brief window of internal live testing.

We wanted to notify you that we are currently in the process of sending you a full refund for your purchase. In addition, we will also be providing you with a version of FINAL FANTASY VII on PC free of charge when it launches. We’ll have more information to share with you regarding your refund and the upcoming relaunch shortly.

As this was a pre-release build of the game, we ask you to please uninstall the game immediately. You will need to make sure all existing files are uninstalled before you are able to download and install the final build of FINAL FANTASY VII in the very near future.

We apologize for causing any inconvenience or confusion during this process.

Thank you,
The Square Enix Team

I may have given Square a bit of grief lately (not just for this, but for things like Final Fantasy XIV and FFXIII, as well), but giving these customers a free version of the game is going above and beyond, and it's a suprisingly good move from a company that makes a few head-scratching decisions too many these days. I mean, having SecuROM is still pretty silly, but at least you're putting forth effort

Good on you, Square! I, alongside Chow Yun Fat, approve of your gesture.