FFVII PC Released, Then Unreleased: This Port Are Sick!

So remember that time, oh, a month or so ago, that I was super excited for the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII? Well, after coming home from work, I was ecstatic to see that the game was finally on sale on the North American SquareEnix store for a fair price of $11.99!

Oh, wait, you mean the link is actually a 404 Error, now?

And the game has SecuROM, and won't actually start because the game hasn't actually been officially released?


This is the screen that greets me at startup, and the next screen allows a serial code (which is emailed to you after purchase) to be entered. After that, SecuROM does an 'activation check' to make sure your client is a released/verified build, and untampered with. 

However, right now, all I get is 'Activation Failed' notification, even after every green checkmark comes up.

Did someone at SquareEnix slip up and release the client early? Probably so. Will the rumor of Final Fantasy VII PC officially being released during Gamescom 2012 (August 15th-19th) come true?

Will I literally have to look at a clunker of a .exe until that time? Smooth move, Square.