Bulletin Beard: Final Fantasy VII PC Coming Soon

 UPDATE: There's no Steam support for the time being, according to this tweet by the Square Enix EU community management team. Exclusive only to the SquareEnix Store, and more news and pricepoint will be announced at a later date.

We at Nitrobeard are enjoying summer in the best ways: Making burgers, buying discounted games (like a Steam-activated copy of Binary Domain for $9.99 from Amazon), waiting patiently for the Steam Summer sale, and making more burgers. We also may or may not have giant dabs of sunscreen on our noses and duck floaties on our arms, but the reason why it's cool? We don't even have pools.

That being said, to celebrate this July 4th, Square Enix officially announced something that's been in the rumor mill for the past week or so: A re-release of Final Fantasy VII for the PC, updated for newer operating systems, with the addition of PC-specific goodies: Cloud Saving (teehee), Achievements, and even something called a 'Character Booster', which may work as an in-game trainer, allowing modifications of HP, MP, and money, making sure you can blast past any unneccesary roadblocks.

Protip: If you use the Character Booster to fight Emerald and Ruby Weapon, I'll call you a sissy nanny-pants, because back in our day, we didn't use no stinkin' trainers. We just used that neat glitch to where you could open the PSX's lid during the battle after using certain Materia, causing an infinte loop of kickass to rain onto your enemies. Y'know, like men. Speaking of, if you'd like to hear a TRUE blast from Nitrobeard's past, give a listen to Episode 9 of the Beardcast, in which Brian Belida and myself talk at great length (4 hours) about our favorite RPGs, including (but not limited to) Final Fantasy VII.


As far as the game itself goes, there's a definite split of the fanbase: Some believe Final Fantasy VII is the savior of the genre, the reason why America became obsessed with a great genre of videogames. Others believe that the title started the downfall of the series, after it peaked with Final Fantasy VI. I fall somewhere in between, and while I admit that Final Fantasy VII was my first memorable foray into the JRPG landscape, it eased me into the genre, letting me appreciate the games that came before it, which is why it holds a special place in my heart. Yes, the translation is terrible, the mechanics of Materia can be downright broken, and the plot has been spoiled so much, it's now a part of the geek trope lexicon, but there's a certain nostaliga with this title that's hard for me to shake. I still consider it one of my favorite videogames ever made, after all these years.

It's been many years since I've replayed Final Fantasy VII, and while I do adore the game, its pacing hasn't necessarily worked in its favor. However, with improved PC compatiblitity, Cloud Saving (TEEHEE), and Achievements, this gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old friend. There's no set release date yet, but once we know one, we'll let you know. 

What's your favorite Final Fantasy VII moment? Training the dolphin to do all sorts of flippies? Running through the Forest of the Ancients? Having the arm-wrestling minigame put blisters on your fingers? Racing and breeding the perfect chocobos, and getting Knights of the Round from the hidden island for your troubles? Visiting that crazy merchant in the caves that gives you specific items based on what your gameplay clock says? Cross-dressing in order to sneak into the whorehouse? Holy shit, Final Fantasy VII was weird.