Baldur's Gate Enhanced Coming Sept. 18th


Overhaul Games announced the official release date for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, and the pricepoint! On September 18th, BG:EE will release on PCs, with the Mac OS and IPad versions available later in the month. An Android version is in the works as well, but there's no set release date yet. 

The PC and Mac version will be $19.99, and have all additional content from the start: Three new characters for your party, a slew of new areas, and a cool arena-esque adventure called The Black Pit, which takes place in the Underdark. For those that don't know, the Underdark is awesome, and is both underground, and dark. Seriously though, I loved the Neverwinter Nights expansion that focused on the Underdark, so it'll be great to revisit a pretty iconic area with a sexy new upgraded version of the Infinity Engine. This Enhanced Edition will include some gameplay improvements from Baldur's Gate 2 (namely kit loadouts), native widescreen support, current operating system support, cross-platform game saving, and my personal favorite: cross-platform multiplayer.

The IPad and Android versions of the game will be $9.99, but a few of the extra characters (Dorn and Neera) will not be included in the price, and can be bought through in-app means. Each character will have full-fledged dialogue, voice acting, and maybe even some love interest options.

You can pre-purchase the game directly from the website and save a few bucks before the release. Also, the site is promising pre-loading, so you can play the game the instant it's released on September 18th. Currently, the game is exclusive to Beamdog, but the developers aren't counting out other digital distribution options (Steam, down the line.